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Once in a Lifetime Series

The Exclusive program for those who want the finest things in life.

ABS Travel Group 'Once in a Lifetime Series' travel provides premium services for those who wish to experience the finest destinations, exquisite culinary delights, breathtaking scenery and the true culture of their chosen destination. ChampagneThis would typically be for groups of 6 or less. They would do this by utilizing only the best transportation, first class air travel, first class train travel, and a super-luxurious limousine from the best suppliers.

For example:

A British Airways first class flight to London from your starting point. After you have sipped on the finest Champagne and perfectly prepared cuisine, you lay in your 100% flat bed and wake only once the flight gently touches down at your destination. Once landed, you'll exit first and will be fully escorted to your waiting Roll-Royce, which promptly whisks you to the finest London restaurant, while your luggage is delivered to your hotel and placed in your room. Your ten day stay in Englands capital, features visits to Windsor, The Houses of Parliament, a visit to the races; The Grand National no less, where you enjoy fine cuisine, champagne and a throne in the VIP area.

You are then flown by private helicopter to Londons city airport, where you are picked up once again by your Chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce and taken to 'Fifteen', one of Londons premier restaurants. After which your waiting Rolls, wafts you to the London Theatre district where you enjoy an evening of opera. As well as visiting major global landmarks like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, you are treated like royalty and allowed to take all the time you wish...as this vacation is like no other; it's yours and can be planned entirely on your timetable.

Do you like the idea of a luxurious, privately run vacation? Get in touch and we can make your dream vacation a wonderful reality you'll never forget!

Welcome to your world of Travel!

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